We had the idea a couple of podcasts ago to try to come up with a way to have some fun together and maybe even help some people along the way.

It all started as a joke between ourselves and our pal Muff, wherein we were mailing currency back and forth. Honestly, we could see that Muff was probably going to win. So, rather than fight fair we made it into a giving exercise. You can listen to the podcast that started this idea here:

All you have to do to be the current Charity Monarch is to give a little bit of money to the charity of your choice, making sure that you've given more than the previous monarch, and then let us know about it (email [email protected]). You don't have to send money to us. Just pick a charity you like and give it to them. One way to find a great charity is to use Charity Navigator. Honor system rules apply, obviously.

On our last podcast of the year we will crown that years Charity Monarch, and then we'll start over. Fun, right? Right.

The current leaderboard is below. Reach deep and give a lot, folks. Thank you!